Cut Meal Prep Time In Half With A ONE Push Slicer!

Kleva Safety Slicer™️ XL

Slice, Dice & Julienne Your Favourite Fresh Ingredients

Plus bonus Kleva Precision Peeler™️ completely FREE.

The Kleva Safety Slicer can chop your meal prep time in half using an ultra sharp blade that safety slices through food without your hands ever near the blade. You can now chop your fruits, vegetables, or cheese in record time without the worry of cutting yourself.

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Introducing the

Kleva Safety Slicer™️ XL

The self contained kitchen miracle that lest you easily and safely slice fruits and vegetables.

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Mary H.

I love this product! It is such a time saver and so easy to use. I would highly recommend it

Glensy B.

It saves me so much time I make a lot of stir fry and it has cut my preparation by time down. Love it

Jenny D.

So easy to use and clean takes no time at all to prepare food

Denise G.

I love it.I am vision impaired so no more cut fingers from knives


Ultra Sharp Blades

for smooth slicing power

Safety Suction Feet

to securely hold onto your bench top

Handy Food Tray

to collect your sliced foods

Adjustable Thickness

from 0.5 to 8mm

Cleaning Tool

to remove stuck pieces in hard to reach spots

Safety Guard

to prevent cuts or wounds

The Secret is

in Safety Slicer XL all in one integrated blade changer. Easily adjust the dial for the exact thickness for whatever you are slicing.

Thick Slices

Thin Slices

Thick Cut


Kleva Safety Slicer™️ XL

Plus bonus Kleva Precision Peeler™️ completely FREE

The Kleva Safety Slicer XL™ makes kitchen prep quick and easy with its Adjustable Thickness Control & multi-blade settings. Complete with a handy catch tray to collect all of your fresh slices in one place for easy clean up.

Limited Time Offer

Buy One Get One FREE